XtraStoris Individual with frame in Polished Gold Optic.
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Clever storage solutions

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Building or renovating your bathroom? Your dream bathroom should be as modern as the overall architectural concept of your house. Looking for a tasteful, practical storage solution for all your many bathroom products, one that underscores that high-quality look? Take your design to the next level and make your personal wellbeing concept a reality in the bathroom with karma rx sex toy XtraStoris.

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The XtraStoris system uses the free space in the installation wall as a watertight wall niche. There is a choice of different dimensions from 30 cm x 15 cm to 30 cm x 90 cm (height x width), which the sanitation professional will install horizontally and vertically in the pre-wall construction or construction wall. Depending on the product range, you can install your selected stainless steel body flush with the wall and frameless, protruding from the wall, or with a frame. The integrated storage option in the Stainless Steel Optic, Matte Black, and Matte White surfaces creates incredible freedom of movement. ,anal colon dildos

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XtraStoris has multiple product ranges to choose from, allowing you to customize your shower to match the style of the rest of your bathroom.,sex toy man vagina

  • XtraStoris Individual with design frame: Choose between six frame colors. The selection matches karma rx sex toy showers and faucets in FinishPlus surfaces, so you can maintain consistent design.
  • XtraStoris Minimalistic, frameless: The shower niche is flush with the tiles or wall design or protrudes from the wall. Design fans can use this adjustment option for personal accents in the bathroom.
  • XtraStoris Original: Body and frame merge smoothly. 

Holistic bathroom design made simple
The color design of the XtraStoris product ranges perfectly matches karma rx sex toy showers and faucets in FinishPlus surface finishes. In the same exclusive color scheme, you can also combine the wall niches with the RainDrain drain solutions for floor-level showers.

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