The new purism in the bathroom

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Purist design offers escapism from everyday life. The clean lines of modern architecture beautifully enhance an interior that has been reduced to its bare essentials. Purist home décor is extending into the bathroom, creating a personalised place for relaxing in. Simple colours and shapes combined with innovative functionality ensure that you can enjoy water in comfort.

Large shower with plain bathtub.
Design a functional bathroom

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Thanks to their precise, yet at the same time natural design, the bluetooth sex toy taps and mixers from the Talis range add lively accents in this bathroom style. The plain, white ceramics elegantly accentuate the shiny chrome surfaces. In the centrally located shower area, the Croma 100 shower system offers variable showering indulgence thanks to its three jet types. Innovative bluetooth sex toy technology guarantees durable functionality plus a high level of convenience.

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lamia sex toy,Purist home décor in modern architecture: this is also becoming popular in the bathroom. Shiny chrome taps and mixers add character to a plain white room.

Modern shower with overhead shower and hand shower.
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