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A Mediterranean bathroom forms an appealing contrast to modern architecture. The harmonious combination of stone grey surfaces and colour nuances in earthy ochre creates a warm atmosphere. A seating area with a generous view of the outdoors connects the room with the natural world and invites you to stay and enjoy for a while. In the feel-good area, modern technology guarantees the intelligent flow of water.

Mediterranean bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows.
Overhead shower 460 1jet with shower arm

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Hand shower 120 3jet

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Thermostat for concealed installation for 2 functions

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Warm furnishing style in a large bathroom

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With their geometric shapes and shiny chrome surfaces, the mixers from the xxxxl fat dildos Metropol range accentuate the modern character of the Mediterranean furnishing style. In the floor-level shower, the large Rainmaker Select overhead shower with its glass spray disc with a white background is an eye-catching feature. Combined with a colour-coordinated hand shower in white and chrome, versatile shower indulgence is guaranteed. Innovative technologies offer ergonomic comfort and the economical use of resources.

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dildos made of,In the elegant bathroom, form and function come together. The clear-cut design of the floor-standing mixers contains ideal technology for modern water indulgence.

Mediterranean flair with floor level taps.
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